In our business we have to keep up with the daily technological advances made in the web arena.  Therefore we continuously strive to keep all our technologies updated, making sure that everything is cross browser compatible and as compliant as possible.

By this we mean that we do the best we can to make all client sites compatible for all browsers and platforms; which at times can be quite a challenge. Recently though, most browser vendors are trying to keep to similar standards making our task somewhat easier.  Nevertheless we do have to keep an eye on this most important issue, as this could impact on what your site might look like when viewed by different browsers and platforms.

Listed below, is our main areas of expertise:  ** POPULAR

  • Back End Web Programming ( this can be dynamic content and databases, email etc., all the unseen things.)
  • Dynamic Web Creation ( this is when a page is loaded into a browser and only certain parts are loaded, making your site blistering fast.)
  • SEO - CSS2 and 3 - HTML 5 ( SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is important so that search engines can find your site - CSS is styling formats and HTML 5 is the new cross browser code for mobile devices and sites.)
  • Coding: XHTML, PHP, cig perl, c++ ( these are the tools in the creation of dynamic sites and content, all the heavy programming stuff.)
  • Javascript - Jquery - Ajax ( this adds more interactivity between dynamic languages and your visual experience, adding visual displays which interact dynamically, this could be pop up forms, sliding displays, slide shows, etc.)
  • ** Popular CMS of your Choice ( Popular CMS or Content Mangement Systems such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc., you can manage your site on your own, this is what the majority of clients opt for, not only is it cost effective, but also easy to use and manage, with fast delivery to you.)
  • Specialise in Custom CMS ( We specialize in creating custom CMS systems to match your requirements.)
  • Cutting Edge Artwork and Design, including Flash ( Truly amazing Artwork and Design.) 
  • Mass Email Solutions etc. ( Email solutions to fit your needs.)
  • Top Notch Hosting - Local & USA ( If you do not have your own hosting, we can provide this for you with excellent prices, locally and Internationally depending on who your business is aimed at, if the bulk of your business is local, then we recommend local hosting as it is faster - if the bulk of your business is aimed at overseas customers and clients, then US based hosting is recommended.)
Solutions and Choices:    ** POPULAR
  • CHOICE 1:  A simple, visualy stunning informative web site, which informs your customers about you and your business and how to contact you, including a dynamic contact form!  This is the best choice for people who want a cheap hands off approach, yet highly effective.
  • CHOICE 2 **:  A beautiful CMS site using either Wordpress or Joomla whereby you can add content and manage yourself; if you want to use Drupal, we can do that too, but we recommend Wordpress and Joomla as they are easy to learn and highly effective, this solution is highly popular with most clients for its easy learning curve, ease of use, and cost effectiveness!
  • CHOICE 3 **:  A popular CMS solution such as Wordpress or Joomla, managed by us - we will manage and add the content for you - our monthly fees are extremely reasonable!
  • CHOICE 4:  A custom CMS site according to your needs.  Many clients choose this such as factories, banks etc.
  • All the above choices include your own unique site design, colour theme and logo, as well as your preffered style up to a point, not withstanding coding constraints.  All sites work with cell phones, IPADS etc.
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